Chasing Reno Gold Disc

The most unique video ever produced about unlimited gold air racing pilots and the racing teams that support them. In order to produce a video that was unlike any other we've sat down and talked to every living unlimited gold winner, from the first Reno Air Races in 1964 through 2010, to find out what gives them the Drive, Devotion, and Passion to fly, race and win, including local favorites Steve Hinton and current 4 time winner Steven Hinton. In addition to all these great pilots you'll hear from key crew members who helped them to win as well as a special appearance by Mr. Robert "R.A. Bob" Hoover, the "pilots pilot" who has been at Reno for all 48 years of the event. With a special introduction by Bob Gandt, author of "Fly Low, Fly Fast, the ultimate book on Reno Air Racing, this is a program you'll enjoy watching time and again. 4 Hour run time. Important - This is a DVD of interviews with Reno participants, and effectively not much footage of flying aircraft.

Chasing Reno Gold Disc
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